Types of operations

Joint Stock Company«Morinzhgeologia»

Functions performed

Offshore engineering-hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical investigations

Investigations of the geotechnical section at the sites of offshore drilling for hydrocarbons

Offshore surveys aimed at the construction of underwater structures

Search for and diagnostics of underwater structures and wrecks

Complexes of methods

There is experience in engineering-geological and geophysical support of all stages of the study and development of oil and gas resources:


Survey tasks

Geological exploration works

Ensuring the safe operation of floating drilling rigs (SDR) used in the drilling of exploration wells

Field facilities

Engineering and geological support for the design and construction of operational facilities and subsea pipelines

Operational period

Monitoring the condition of hydraulic structures and pipelines

Functions performed

Surveys at underwater crossings of trunk pipelines

Monitoring of the technical condition of underwater crossings of trunk pipelines (inspection of underwater crossings of trunk pipelines)

Technical supervision of the results of repair and construction operations at the crossings

Engineering surveys for crossings under construction

Complexes of methods

Complexes of methods

Onshore engineering-geophysical and geodetic surveys

Comprehensive engineering-geophysical operations for construction purposes

Shallow seismic surveys (CDP, refraction seismic) for various purposes

all types of geodetic surveys

Complexes of methods​